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Almond tree farm in Central Valley, California

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Grow-K 238

Grow-K 238 is a low salt, seed safe liquid fertilizer that provides vital, readily available potassium and sulfur. These primary nutritional components are essential to proper crop health, growth and vigor.

  • Rapid sulfur absorption
  • Helps overcome environment stress
  • Seed and root safe salt index
  • Fortifies liquid starter fertilizers
  • Improves drought resistance


Grow-K 238 can be utilized to increase crop yield in a variety of agricultural practices from in-furrow with row crops to fertigation applications. Grow-K 238 has a low salt index and low salt out temperature making it easy and safe to handle.

Potassium is an important nutrient for root development, ATP synthesis, and crop quality characteristics. While sulfur is required for the synthesis of chlorophyll and the formation of three amino acids. Applying Grow-K 238 can improve crop health and growth, increase yield quantity and quality, and reduce the effects of environmental stress. Grow-K 238 is compatible with 10-34-0 and UAN to easily incorporate additional nutrients into many fertilization programs. Grow-K 238 can be applied via in-furrow, banded, 2x2 or 2x0, and fertigation (drip, Y-drop, flood, or sprinkler irrigation).


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