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Sac Ag is the only on-purpose bisulfite producer on West Coast providing regular and on-going production of high active and high quality bisulfite solutions.  Bisulfite solutions offered include:

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Ammonium Bisulfite (ABS)

Strong oxygen scavenger (reducing agent) and sodium free

Magnesium Bisulfite (MBS)

Effective in removal of organic compounds from gas streams

Sodium Bisulfite (SBS)

Strong Oxygen Scavenger (reducing agent)

Sodium Thiosulfate (STS)

Lixiviant in gold ore processing

Sac Ag manufacturers a variety of products for industrial applications that are important to manufacturing processes in California. These products help to neutralize bleach, dechlorinate water, remove heavy metals, and act as an oxygen scavenger (reducing agent) making them versatile and valuable chemicals in a wide range of industries.

Dechlorinating Agents

Bisulfite and thiosulfate compounds are commonly used as dechlorinating agents in industrial water treatment processes. Chlorine is often used to disinfect water in industrial processes. Bisulfite and thiosulfate compounds can be added to the water to neutralize the chlorine and prevent byproducts from forming. Bisulfite and thiosulfate compounds can be used to neutralize bleach in industrial processes. This is important in industries such as textile manufacturing, where bleach is used to whiten fabrics.


Oxygen Scavengers

Thiosulfate compounds can also be used as oxygen scavengers in industrial processes. They react with dissolved oxygen to form sulfate ions, which are harmless in most industrial processes. This prevents oxygen from reacting with other chemicals in the water and causing corrosion or other unwanted reactions. Both bisulfite and thiosulfate compounds are powerful reducing agents. They can be used in industrial processes to reduce metal ions to their elemental form, to remove oxygen from solutions, and to reduce other oxidizing agents. This makes them useful in a variety of industrial processes, including metal refining, chemical manufacturing, and water treatment.


Water Treatment

Thiosulfate compounds can be used to remove heavy metals from industrial process water. They form stable complexes with certain metals, such as copper, lead, and mercury, which can then be removed from the water through precipitation or filtration.