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Potaassium Thiosulfate

  • Thio 25-17 (potassium thiosulfate, 0-0-25-17)

Thio 25-17 is a liquid containing 25% potash and 17% sulfur. Potash and sulfur are essential elements for proper crop development and growth. This product works---<???

Other benefits include:

  • user friendly
  • strengthens crop resistance to harsh environmental factors
  • works with many fertilizers and improves performance
  • Chloride free

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Looking for other high quality raw materials to help increase plant health, growth, and yield? 

We offer a portfolio of innovative products including other sulfur fertilizer additions and low salt fertilizers that help maximize the efficiency and output of your growing season.  Our experts will work with you to find the optimum combination of nutrients to give you the best results for your harvest.

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